Some of the projects I have worked on


Working together on Pangraphica, my partner and I have introduced custom motion graphics to every project we have embarked on. We tailor fit custom lower thirds and titles to give your videos a sense of continuity and to help strengthen your brand. Not every project requires 3D animation, a simple logo reveal or ident is just as effective. However, more customers are opting for 3D.

Due to the rise of social media, corporations have seen the value of motion graphics, particularly 3D, to engage with their established and future customers.

This is a short demo-reel showcasing some of the work where we have implemented motion graphics. Our customers are happy with the attention to detail we bring to every project. We both have design and marketing backgrounds, these skill sets are essential for the product we provide.

Tools used: Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Octane, Redshift

Gordie Howe International Bridge Project

I love all the projects I have worked on, however working on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project (GHIB) has been the highlight and it’s one of my favourites. I think the complexity of the work we have done for Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) keeps everything fresh; not only have we covered events, interviews and news, we have been in the field filming and photographing the wind tunnel testing and construction of GHIB. We work closely with WDBA communications department on every step of a production and not only have they been extremely happy with the result, but also for the motion graphics that we have brought to the production. In particular, the Annual Public Meeting Presentation videos have been positively received, and are the highlight of the events. There has always been a positive reaction from the members of the audience. Our work for WDBA has also been highlighted by CTV News.

The linked video is an example of one of our video productions, the 2019 APM. “Building Foundations” was the theme and is image driven. I worked on the 3D title, Four Components and the video wall and end titles.

Tools used: Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Octane, Redshift

Inteplast Group IBS Grocery/Retail 2022

After the great response of last year’s presentation, our friends at Inteplast Group IBS Grocery/ Retail needed our help to produce their yearly video review for 2022. The theme for this year was a road trip, before our initial production meeting I put together some concepts of a delivery van, showing the challenges they faced. Again there were a lot of images to show. Which they provided. Their biggest challenge in 2022 was the ban of single-use plastic in Canada. They loved the concepts and the animations were quick to put together from the concept. I wanted to highlight the van and it was primarily the only object in the scenes with colour. Work was on a tight time frame and we delivered the product quickly. Again communication was key. Their video presentation was positively received and I am looking forward to the working with them again.


Tools used: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Inteplast Group IBS Grocery/Retail

Our client required a video review of 2021, they provided all the images. The premise of the video was to highlight the difficulties they faced during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The initial idea was to reflect living and working in box and how they broke out the box to exceed in sales, despite the lockdown.  A box was the hero of this project, however there were a lot of images to show, so we had to think outside of the box. No pun intended. I wanted the animation to flow through the video with the narration, the video needed to be 3 minutes long, so there wasn’t much time for transitions. So, it needed to move fairly quickly. There was a lot to iron out during the process and constant communication was key. I’m really pleased with the outcome.


Tools used: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Fast turnaround for TERSANO

Our friends at Tersano were in a bit of a quandry. Due to the pandemic, sales for their product iClean mini had increased. The product is an alternative to conventional off-the-shelf cleaning products, which are used for sanitizing work surfaces. The problem they had was that their current blow-up diagram didn’t reflect the product and they had received feedback from their customers. They needed to act quickly so this had to be a fast turnaround as they needed to update their website quickly.

I picked up the job on that evening and had the diagram delivered to them the next day. I reproduced this in Adobe Illustrator, there was no template available so everything had to be built from scratch and all I had to work on were reference shots and the original diagram as a guide.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

Putting Académie Ste-Cécile International School on the map

This project was somewhat of a challenge. Académie Ste-Cécile International School (ASCIS) needed a virtual tour for their website. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions they were unable to present their school around the world at conventions and needed a presentation to attract students, not only internationally, but also locally, here in Windsor ON.

We filmed this at a time when many of the students were learning remotely due to the pandemic, we were also in mind that Ontario was heading into yet another lockdown. Considering the amount of work we put into this project this was relatively a fast turnaround. We produced two videos for them, one for the upper school and the other for the elementary school.

On top of being in the field, filming the interviews, drone footage and B-roll, I also worked on the title, infographics, video wall and end titles. The focus had to be on their logo, it is very important to the school and reflects the four values of ASCIS.

Tools used: Cinema 4D R23, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Octane, Redshift

Traci Gould’s Memory Book

In loving memory of our dear friend Traci. We had the idea of creating a book of memories that we could share with her family back in Australia. The illustration was Mary Poppin themed, as Traci was everyone’s favourite Nanny.

Tools used: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Doug and Andy’s Wedding

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Both avid Doctor Who fans, they wanted the ilustration to reflect this. I took a cue from the Doctor Who episode, The Big Bang.

Tools used: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Getting Paul seen around town

I don’t get much call for 2D illustrations, but when I do, I jump at the chance. Paul from Insulating Insulators needed a van wrap and an illustration for the van doors. He wanted to be seen on the road, being a small city advertising in this way is a great way to create business. We were happy to help. I didn’t have much to work with, all I knew was that he wanted a superhero and it needed to be eye catching. I decided to model the character on him, he loved the initial sketches and palette. From the initial sketches I rendered in Procreate I reproduced the character in illustrator. Paul has already getting great comments from onlookers and customers, which is exactly the feedback we wanted.

Tools used: Procreate and Adobe Illustrator