This is the bit about me.

Hi there,

I’m a freelance motion graphics artist based in Windsor Ontario, Canada. I also work with my partner, David, for our company Pangraphica. We’re a small operation providing photography, videography, aerial photography and graphic design for companies and organizations here in Windsor ON, Canada and Detroit MI, USA.

My animation and design skills in motion design complements all aspects of our work, for example: animating logos, creating company idents, title sequences, custom lower thirds and infographics. It all helps to strengthen your brand and online presence.

I am extremely passionate about art, design, animation and motion graphics, it gives me great satisfaction in creating things that are visually exciting. I am always creating, whether it be for a client or for my personal projects. My personal projects reflect my quirky personality and everything I create is made with love.

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Things to know about:


  • I’m a generalist.
  • I will always insist on working with the decision maker from the get go. This ensures that the project is heading in the right direction and will help you stay within your budget. Changes late in the game can be costly and could mean delays to the end product.
  • Software I use: Cinema 4D R20-2024, Blender 4, X-Particles, After Effects, Character Animator, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Procreate.
  • Third Party Renderers I use: Octane, Redshift.
  • I love working on collaborations with other artists, but my paid gigs are my priority, unless the collaboration is a paid gig, so forget I said anything. As you were.
  • Young Frankenstein is the greatest comedy of all time.